Lord Curzon and Tahirih

Lord Curzon wrote an important book about Persia, Persia and the Persian Question (1892) in which he wrote an insightful summary of the Babi movement, including this about Tahirih:

“Beauty and the female sex also lent their consecration to the new creed, and the heroism of the lovely but ill-fated poetess of Kazvin, Zerin Taj (Crown of Gold), or Kurrat-el-Ain (Solace of the Eyes), who, throwing off the veil, carried the missionary torch far and wide, is one of the most affecting episodes in modern history.”

Lord Curzon was raised in typical British upper class fashion by disinterested parents, a tough governess whom he described as “a brutal and vindictive tyrant”, and a preparatory schoolmaster who used freely used corporal punishment. He attended Eton and Oxford where he was a gifted student.


then travelled around the world. Based on these trips, he wrote several books including the popular Persia and the Persian Question.

He was made viceroy of India in 1898, the youngest ever. The position with all its pomp and circumstance, appealed to Curzon who liked public displays of importance.

He proved a capable and conscientious administrator. He made a thorough study of the condition of education in India, lowered taxes, and punished the misbehavior of Englishmen towards Indians. He travelled extensively along the frontiers with Tibet and funded the restoration of the Taj Mahal, taking a personal interest in India’s cultural heritage.

In India, Lord Curzon walked this beautiful high-altitude Himalayan trail known as the Kuari pass trek:

During his years there, a terrible famine broke out. Though Curzon organized famine relief including investments in irrigation, he also drew criticism for not doing enough because he though too much assistance would be counter-productive. For more information on the famine in India, 1899-1900, click HERE.

Eventually, he fell out of favor politically and spent much time buying and renovating castles using the considerable wealth his wife brought to the marriage. His last major political assignment was serving under Lloyd George as Foreign Secretary during the World War I years. 

Click below for footage of Lord Curzon at the end of his life: