Journeys Faith seeks to engage readers in exploring the lives of people of faith, learning about the deep history of religion, and becoming inspired to reflect on their own lives and possible contributions to the world. This site will disseminate information on topics covered in these books and those of related works by other authors. 

One day in 2012, I was talking with my longtime friend Hussein Ahdieh in the lobby of the Baha’i Center of New York City, and, out of our shared interest in the history of the Baha’i Faith, we decided to initiate a research and writing project on the history of the Baha’i Faith in his hometown in Southern Iran. This led to our undertaking several more books on the lives of people of Faith. Our new work, The Calling, re-tells in some detail the life of the Persian mystic, Tahirih of Qazvin, and the struggles of her American contemporaries who were participants in the Great Awakening and the reform movements of the 19th c.. A Way Out of No Way, our book on the Harlem Prep School, tells the story of people of faith working across boundaries for the betterment of society.  

In addition to books, I have been working as a writer of songs, short stories, and poems. For more information, just google "Hillary Chapman"! If you like to discuss any projects, feel free to contact me at hillarychapman@gmail.com...

Hillary Chapman