Marie von Najmájer, Austrian writer and activist

After the publication of Gobineau’s book Religions and Philosophies of Central Asia which introduced the Bab to many in the West, other works on the Bab appeared which included Tahirih:

·       Marie von Najmájer, an Austrian writer and activist for the advancement of women, wrote the first literary work or poem to use Tahirih as a character,[i]Gurret-ül-Eyn. (A picture from the Persian modern times in 6 Songs),” published in 1874. Many decades later, Marianna Hainisch, mother of a President of Austria, heard of Tahirih from Martha Root, and professed: “I shall try to do for the women of Austria what Tahirih gave her life to do for the women of Persia.”

[i] Momen, The Bábí and Bahá’í Religions, 47.

Marie von Najmájer (3 February 1844 in Buda, Hungary – 25 July 1904 in Bad Aussee (Styria), Austria) - was an Austrian novelist and poet. Daughter of a Hungarian royal hofrat Franz von Najmájer. In 1852 she moved to Vienna with her mother. She was an activist of the Association for Women's Education in Vienna (Verein für erweiterte Frauenbildung in Wien).